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The revised and updated second edition of The Wiccan Wellness Book  provides a practical selection of holistic healthcare methods. It also offers a number of easy, hands-on methods for combining spiritual practice with natural healthcare for the benefit of body, mind, and spirit. You'll learn how to keep in tune with the many facets of your health through a Body/Mind/Spirit Journal and discover the joys of mindful exercise as a valuable component of spiritual practice.


I was inspired to write this book after discovering that many of my clients in my herbalism and naturopathy practice (which I retired from a few years back) wanted a set of practical instructions for combining earth-oriented spirituality with natural healthcare techniques. Though the title includes the word Wiccan, this book is designed for everyone who feels a connection with the Earth and the environment and who wants to bring that connection and its meaning into the way they take care of their body.

What's Inside:

Wellness and Wholeness: how to use "Thou art Goddess; Thou art God" as a key to taking good care of yourself; health as a process and a journey

Writing as a Healing Tool: how to keep a Body/Mind/Spirit Journal and use writing for healing and well-being

Exercise: how to play again and get moving without feeling bad about yourself; moving meditation as spiritual and physical exercise

Healthy Surroundings: how to make your home and workplace into spaces that enhance your health and lower stress levels

Methods of Natural Healthcare: from acupressure to transpersonal psychology, different methods you can use yourself or with the help of a professional

The Magical Green People: meeting the Green Partners and plant spirits who can help you heal through ritual and meditation

Rites of Wellness: rituals for community and solitary alike to help heal ourselves and each other


Further Reading: an extensive list of resources about all the subjects in the book so you can explore some more

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