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Laura Perry bio photo smiling blue shirt long hair

Hi there! My name is Laura Perry. I'm a Pagan artist and author. I'm also the founder and facilitator of Modern Minoan Paganism. My first book, Ancient Spellcraft, was published in 2001. I've been writing both fiction and non-fiction ever since then, as well as blog posts and magazine articles.

I'm a Pagan with a background in both Wicca and shamanic methods. These days my focus is mainly on Modern Minoan Paganism, and I also devote a fair amount of my personal spiritual practice to my ancestors. Over the years I've been in a number of groups, run a few of my own, taught workshops, and led community rituals.


Before I began my writing career, I was an herbalist and naturopath (I have an N.D. degree) so I'm also into natural health and wellness. That interest prompted me to write The Wiccan Wellness Book. I also became a Reiki master as a way to expand my healing modalities. I still keep up with the Reiki and my family consults me for herbal and homeopathic help, but I no longer practice professionally. I prefer to devote my time to writing and art these days.

Laura Perry at Castlerigg stone circle, Cumbria, UK

I love to travel, especially to sacred sites around the world. These special places that have been honored since ancient times inspire both my spiritual practice and my writing. The photo above is at Castlerigg stone circle in northern Britain, a region that many of my ancestors are from. The one below was taken on the trip that inspired my novel Jaguar Sky; in this picture I'm at the ancient Maya site that's now called Santa Rita but that is probably the Mayan city of Chetumal.

Laura Perry at Santa Rita, Belize

In addition to writing, I love to create art of all sorts, like The Minoan Tarot and The Minoan Coloring Book. I've drawn interior illustrations for my non-fiction books and have created original art for the cover of my newest novel, The Last Priestess of Malia. My art focuses on themes of Pagan spirituality, the ancient world, and folk art.

I'm very lucky to be married to a man who supports my crazy ideas and whose own spiritual path mirrors mine. He is a talented musician and a loving father to our daughter. He has helped make my travel dreams come true, and when he sees me eyeball-deep in yet another art or writing project, he just smiles.

Laura Perry and her totally awesome husband
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