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The Minoan Coloring Book

Minoan Coloring Book front cover for web

The World of Ancient Crete for You to Color

New Second Edition - more backgrounds, new borders!

The Minoan Coloring Book contains 48 of my favorite pieces of Minoan art from ancient Crete: bull-leapers, snake goddesses, blue ladies, and more!

This is not a book of clip-art; these are individually drawn pictures based on photographs of the actual ancient Minoan artifacts. 

These fabulous coloring pages are singled-sided (the back of each page does not contain another picture) for your coloring pleasure - you can use markers and any bleed-through won't ruin another picture.

Take a break, treat yourself, and feel the magic of the ancient Minoans as you relieve stress and let your creativity blossom.

The Minoan Coloring Book is available in ink-and-paper format from:

and other Amazon platforms worldwide.

Minoan Coloring Book 2nd edition full co
Bull leapers v2 resized.jpg
Dolphin fresco v2 resized.jpg
Snake goddess 2 v2 resized.jpg
Prince of the Lilies v2 resized.jpg

Reader love for The Minoan Coloring Book:

I've always loved Minoan art, ever since I visited Crete on holiday when I was much younger. This colouring book is letting me appreciate the art of the people of Ancient Crete all over again. The pictures are quite easy to colour as well - which is good, because I'm not the most experienced artist. Unusual and delightful.


|| Lucya Starza, author of Pagan Portals Candle Magic: A witch's guide to spells and rituals

Laura Perry has designed a beautiful coloring book for anyone interested in ancient Minoan art. The drawings are simple yet elegant, ready to be colored in anyway your heart desires. Each drawing is true to the original art it is based on, but left simple and clean so that your colors can bring it to life. I have many "adult" coloring books, but this one is by far my favorite. I am already placing an order for a second book, because I think I will want to color everything again!


|| Amazon reviewer

Nice introduction to Minoan art and culture. Great way to teach kids and adults.


|| Amazon reviewer

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