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The Goddess in America: The Divine Feminine in Cultural Context

An anthology of Druidry, Shamanism, Witchcraft and Goddess Spirituality from some of the world's leading Pagan voices.

With fifty-nine contributions from over forty authors, iPagan is an anthology that covers Druidry, Shamanism, Witchcraft, Goddess Spirituality and a range of contemporary issues that affect Pagans across the globe. The book is an ideal introduction to the writing of each of the authors as well as an essential primer for anyone interested in modern Paganism and for those wishing to engage in current Pagan thinking.

I have two essays in this marvelous collection, one about Minoan Shamanism and another about the goddess Ariadne. This anthology is only available in e-book format and will always have a very low price (99 cents in the US) so everyone can easily access all this great information.

iPagan is now available from:

Barnes & Noble

Google Play


E-book 99 cents (US)

ISBN 978-1-78535-241-6

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