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The Bed

A novel about ghosts, magic, demons, archangels

... and old furniture.

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Liz just wants a happy birthday.
Is that too much to ask?

A beautiful antique bed: her birthday present to herself. The nice delivery men set it up in her bedroom, and then all Hell breaks loose. Literally.

Her family is the usual pain in the you-know-where, and her boyfriend starts asking difficult questions, all on her birthday. But the ghost of her new bed’s former owner is the biggest problem of all.

When it turns out he’s not basking in the glow of a happy afterlife, Liz must face some nasty adversaries to help him. Why on earth would she risk her life and her sanity to help a ghost? Certainly not because she’s in love with him.

Certainly not.

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Reader love for The Bed:

Oh what a glorious read this was! A witchlit novel full of magical realism, strange occult happenings, supernatural beings and ... haunted furniture! I read it over a couple of days, immersing myself in the world of Liz – upcycler and folk artist – whose world is sent spinning into chaos by the purchase of an antique bed. The writing style is utterly engaging, the characters complex, the situation intense. It’s great reading occult fiction from someone who really has a feel for the traditions of both writing and practice – it feels real. It feels like someone could really have been through all these things (assuming your reality accommodates the supernatural). There are some serious messages in the book about knowing what you’re up to, and not assuming that any spirits you might interact with are inherently benevolent. Alongside all the supernatural shenanigans, Liz’s family, friends, and the man attempting to become her fiancée are portrayed with skill and depth, making it all feel very rooted in this world, this life. For me that’s a key part of the genre – the real world stuff has to be persuasive to ground the magical aspect of magical realism. The magic has to be real enough to not stretch credulity too far, while also feeling genuinely magical. For witchlit of course the magic has to make a certain kind of intuitive sense, and this absolutely does.
This ticked all the boxes for me – a heroine who isn’t fresh out of school, and who has as a consequence a more developed life and character, with real life issues, and a nice mix of independence, and cooperativeness. A surprising story, that keeps you guessing right up to the end. Loved it!


|| Nimue Brown, author of Hopeless, Maine; Letters Between Gentlemen; and Intelligent Designing for Amateurs 

This book beautifully showcases the genre of WitchLit. The female protagonist, Liz, lives in the real world. Her parents are divorced while the sibling rivalry between herself and her sister Amanda is palpable. Her boyfriend, Jack, has proposed and while she likes him, marriage wasn’t in her plan. Giving up a good job to follow her heart and creative passion, upcycling and creating folk art, life is stressful enough, but making a decision about a future with Jack while attempting to keep the peace in her family sends Liz scampering to the safety of her flat over her shop.

Into this material world, the bed and other furniture of classics lecturer Bill Fletcher arrives and a new world opens up to the skeptical, practical Liz. The carved figure on the headboard is a doorway to a different plane where we meet the fabulous… no spoilers!

This book is well-written and full of well-crafted characters, mixing the mundane and the magical into a page turner of a story.


|| Wendy Steele, author of The Lilith Trilogy; The Standing Stone series; and Wendy Woo Books 

Having ready and enjoyed Laura Perry’s non-fiction work, I was excited by the thought of a novel by the same accomplished writer. However, I had no idea what to expect. What took me by surprise were delightfully real characters, a magical story full of occult surrealism and a page turner that I literally couldn’t put down... In summary, a fine work of fiction and sure to appeal to any who love a good mystery story, a dash of romance and a healthy dose of magic.


|| Mabh Savage, author of A Modern Celt and Pagan Portals - Celtic Witchcraft

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