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Ariadne's Thread

Ariadne's Thread by Laura Perry

Ancient Goddess spirituality for the modern world


The myths of ancient Crete, her people, and their gods twine through our minds like the snakes around the priestess's arms in those ancient temples. They call to us across the millennia, asking us to remember. In answer to that call, Ariadne’s Thread provides a connection with the spirituality, culture and daily life of the Minoan people, and commemorates the richness of a world in which women and men worked and worshiped as equals.


In these pages, the glory of Crete once again springs to life; the history, the culture, and most of all, the intense spirituality of these fascinating people and their gods can inspire and transform our modern ways of thinking, worshiping and being.


The ruined temples of ancient Crete may crumble along the coastline of this tiny island, but Ariadne’s thread still leads us into the labyrinth and safely back out again.


The book is divided into three sections:


- A short history of Crete, her people, and her ancient spiritual traditions


- A year's worth of seasonal rituals


- A lifetime's worth of rites of passage, from birth to death and beyond


All the rituals are easily approachable by modern Pagans. Some are suitable for solitary practitioners. And all of them will help you connect with Ariadne and her tribe.


Ariadne's thread reaches across the millennia to connect us with the divine. Will you follow where it leads?

You can find Ariadne's Thread at:

Hive (paperback)

Hive (e-book)


Book Depository

Barnes & Noble 





and other major online retailers worldwide as well as brick-and-mortar bookstores.


Paperback $22.95 / £12.99

ISBN 978-1-78279-110-2


E-book $9.99 / £6.99

ISBN 978-1-78279-109-6


Read the first chapter for free HERE.


Preview this title on Google Books HERE.

Both Labrys and Horns and Ariadne's Thread have Minoan themes. I explain the difference between the two books in this blog post. Both books are helpful references for the practice of Modern Minoan Paganism. For details about how to easily adapt the rituals in Ariadne's Thread to the new MMP ritual format, see this blog post.

Reader love for Ariadne's Thread:

Within the contemporary world of earth-based spirituality, there has remained a void, until now. Laura Perry, who has brought insightful works on spellcraft and wellness to spiritual seekers, has aimed her sites on the archetypal and has snagged something wondrous and profound with Ariadne’s Thread. In it, Perry guides us, like a skilled and cunning shaman, safely through the labyrinth of history, myth, symbolism, deities, ritual and magic of Crete. And once we reach daylight, she teaches us how to make use of this wisdom. Readers looking to weave their spiritual practices with the sage teachings of the ancient Minoans will return to the marvelous loom of Ariadne’s Thread again and again.


|| Timothy Roderick, author of Wicca: A Year and a Day

The tagline on the Moon Books site is "The Minoan world comes alive through seasonal rituals and rites of passage, honoring Ariadne and her Labyrinth." This immediately resonates with me as I am fascinated with the impact ancient culture has on modern people, in ways both large and small.


From the outset I am thrilled by the passion Laura shows for her subject. Clearly the Minoans have inspired her from an early age, and it's wonderful to see that fascination nurtured and blooming into the magical relationship she describes.


Rarely have I read a book that goes into so much detail about the spirituality and mythology surrounding one particular culture. The explanations of the symbolism of the Labyrinth are surprising and enlightening. Laura also looks at the similarities and differences between Ariadne and her `equivalents' in other cultures, including mainstream religion. This book is truly comprehensive but what is more impressive is that it's also fascinating and entertaining. If you are interested in ancient culture at all, you will adore this. If not, you would still get a kick out of the beautiful descriptive paragraphs and analytical style.


Ariadne's Thread is a permanent addition to my 'regular reads' library and a triumph in what I consider the most necessary task of Pagan books: making it relevant. The thread Laura spins weaves all the way through time and is never broken. We can follow it either way, each page a new spool to turn.


|| Mabh Savage, author of A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors

I found this book intriguing because it tackles a topic very few other people write about; Minoan paganism. This was not a type of reconstruction that I was previously familiar with but I am really glad I took the time to read this book. It is a fascinating look at ancient Minoan religion and culture and the modern ways it can be practiced. The author begins by giving the reader a thorough understanding of ancient Crete so that we can move forward with the necessary knowledge of how the original religion worked. We learn about the evidence of the ancient religion and theories about its practice and power. From this base the author moves forward into her own modern reconstruction of the faith. She discusses the different deities, holidays that a Minoan pagan can celebrate and how to celebrate them. Although this is not my own cultural interest I found the book fascinating and more than worth reading. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to practice this religion or who is merely curious about this faith.


|| Morgan Daimler, Druid and Irish reconstructionist Pagan and author of Where the Hawthorn Grows and By Land, Sea and Sky

Knowing very little about the Minoan civilization, I perused this unique book with interest. Packed with information, Ariadne's Thread spins a tapestry of knowledge, history and practice that are relevant to modern researchers and practitioners alike. This is not reconstructionism, but is a bridging between Neopagan spirituality and the surviving practices of pagan Crete. Built on sound research and visionary ritualism, I fully recommend Ariadne's Thread to Neopagan seekers of Graeco spirituality.


|| Raven Digitalis, Neopagan Priest, cofounder of Opus Aima Obscurae and author of Shadow Magick CompendiumPlanetary Spells and Rituals and Goth Craft

If you'd like to find out more about Modern Minoan Paganism, check out our official website then head over to our Facebook group Ariadne's Tribe. Modern Minoan Paganism is a welcoming path, happily open to people of any race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, ability level, disability, geographic location, language, education, or socio-economic status. We're all in this together.

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