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Witch Lit, a year or two onward...

A couple of years ago, some of us started talking about how our magical-themed fiction, by and about witches, didn't fit neatly into any of the standard literary genres. A few discussions later, Witch Lit was born. Now, more than a year later, I'm amazed to look around and see what we've accomplished (bearing in mind that I'm only one of four people who have spearheaded this effort, and only one of dozens of writers who have taken on the Witch Lit mantle for their works).

We have a Facebook group for Witch Lit writers and readers, to share support and humor and generally encourage each other.

We have a Twitter presence where we share witchy goodness including Witch Lit writers' projects. The #witchlit hashtag has been picked up not just by our own writers but by a growing Twitter audience, including some folks who are now teaching Witch Lit as a literary genre!

We have a podcast where Sheena Cundy and Wendy Steele interview their fellow Witch Lit writers and generally have a witchy good time.

We published an anthology (that's the cover at the top of this post) with all proceeds going to the awesome non-profit organization Books for Africa. This collection of more than two dozen is a great way to discover your next favorite author while supporting a project whose goal is to end the "book famine" in Africa.

For a phrase that started out as a joking play on Chick Lit, I think Witch Lit has finally come of age. And I'm proud to be a part of it. Have you read any Witch Lit lately?

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