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The New Minoan Coloring Book Is Here!

The first edition of The Minoan Coloring Book met with plenty of compliments, but I just wasn't satisfied with it (maybe that's an author/artist thing?). So I went back through all the artwork and added more backgrounds, new borders, a little touch-up here and there. And of course, a new cover:

I think the new cover catches the spirit of Minoan art better than the old one does. And I think the insides are even more fun to color now:

Even though I'm the one who drew the pictures, and I create a lot of art of various sorts every year, I also find coloring to be a fun and relaxing activity. Sometimes I just want a little artistic meditation time, you know?

For what it's worth, I think the new second edition of The Minoan Coloring Book would make a great holiday gift, wrapped along with some markers or colored pencils. Just a thought. :-)

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