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The Ariadne's Thread Rituals in MMP Format

One of the tricky bits of writing about current spiritual practice is that traditions change and evolve. In some cases that means releasing a second edition of the book, like I did with Labrys & Horns. But what about those times when a second edition isn't possible?

That's the case with Ariadne's Thread - it's complementary to Labrys & Horns, including a lot of information about ancient Minoan religion and culture. But as Modern Minoan Paganism has grown, we've developed our own unique ritual format that reflects the way people practiced their religion in the Bronze Age Mediterranean. That means the Wiccanesque rituals in Ariadne's Thread don't fit the way we're doing ritual now.

The solution? A simple "translation formula." Like magic, the rituals in Ariadne's Thread can be fitted into the new MMP ritual format. It's not hard at all. Full instructions here:

The Ariadne's Thread Rituals: Adapting Them for MMP Format

Happy ritual-ing!

In the name of the bee,

And of the butterfly,

And of the breeze, amen.

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