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Some Witch Lit for You!

I'm excited to announce that Witch Lit: Words from the Cauldron is now available for pre-order!

A couple of months ago, I wrote about my part in this project to help people find out about the new literary genre Witch Lit. Witch Lit began as a sort of "Chick Lit with magic" genre but has expanded to include poetry and non-fiction, all of it helping us to find the magic in our lives.

Along with the other members of the anthology team (Rhea Ruth Aitken, Sheena Cundy, and Wendy Steele) I've helped put together this collection of 27 short stories, poems, and essays to give you a sampling of the delicious variety to be found within Witch Lit. We've kept the price of this e-book very low

The anthology is now available for pre-order (release date is 21 June):

Amazon US

Amazon UK


Words from the Cauldron is also available on other Amazon platforms, the Apple iStore, Barnes & Noble, and most other places e-books are sold.

All proceeds from the anthology go to the amazing non-profit organization Books for Africa, so you can enjoy some great reading while also doing good in the world.

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