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Psychopomp Work: Death and Beyond

We often say that politics and religion are the two taboo subjects in modern western society, but I would add that death is a strong contender for the most taboo subject of all. As a culture, we don't like to talk about death and dying, we don't like to make our wills or funeral arrangements, and we don't like to contemplate what might happen after death.

This leads to troubled families who are unprepared to deal with what life (and death) throw at them. It also leads to ignoring our ancestors and not taking proper care of them.

Also: Do you want ghosts? Because this is how you get ghosts (a.k.a., the unquiet dead).

That's where psychopomp work, also called deathwalking, comes in. This is the practice of helping people move on after they have died - because no, not everyone automatically finds their way. I edited an anthology about this practice. I also had the pleasure of making a presentation about it at MoonCon21 a few weeks ago. In case you missed it, here's the video:

Let's take care of those we love, now and after death, shall we?

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