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  • Laura Perry

Diving into Writing Again

Back in the saddle again...

That photo up there is a stack of research notes and the early stages of the manuscript for a novel I started writing several years but set aside when I couldn't get it to come together the way I wanted. My friends who are participating in NaNoWriMo this year have inspired me to dig these papers out of my files and give the novel another go.

I'm taking another dip into historical fiction with this one. It's set in ancient Egypt, in the New Kingdom. You'll probably recognize some of the names involved: Nefertiti and Akhenaten, for starters. Politics and religion and intrigue! Oh my!

This is late Bronze Age Egypt, which overlaps with Late Minoan times, so I'm already familiar with the general vibe of the area from that era. But more Egyptology research has happened since I began Round One of my research and writing, so I'm having to dovetail that in. This includes some fascinating DNA analysis of mummies from the King's Valley tombs, so we have a pretty good idea of the Egyptian royal family tree.

Pro tip: Family Tree Maker software, which I usually use for character genealogies when I'm writing, is not up to the task of the very tangled and painfully incestuous ancient Egyptian royal family, especially from the Amarna era. I'm thinking, some kind of 3-D software would work better. Even on paper, it's a mess.

So anyway... I've now gone most of the way through my old notes and have started in on the new info. I'm probably procrastinating, because the next step is to actually write the book. Wish me luck!

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