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Coming Soon: The Witch Lit Anthology

Last year, I had the challenge of learning a new skill set when I edited the anthology Deathwalking: Helping Them Cross the Bridge. Now I'm putting that skill set to good use with a new anthology that has two goals: to introduce the genre of Witch Lit to the reading world, and to support a great charity.

Witch Lit is magical writing: fiction, non-fiction, poetry... that helps us find and appreciate the magic in life in all its many guises. We've brought together 23 talented authors who have each contributed their own style of magical writing to the Witch Lit Anthology, from spine-tingling to heartwarming and everywhere in between.

We have a great team working on the anthology. I'm doing the editing and formatting. You can see above the lovely cover that Ruth Aitken has created - she's quite the artist! Wendy Steele has written an introduction for the anthology so readers will understand what Witch Lit is and why they should be interested in the genre. And Sheena Cundy is going to bravely wrestle with the online systems to publish the e-book.

The Witch Lit Anthology will be released at Summer Solstice 2019 and will be available in all major e-book formats. We're keeping the price very low so everyone can afford to sample these great writers.

And we're donating all the proceeds to Books for Africa, an amazing non-profit organization that collects, sort, ships, and distribute library books and textbooks to students of all ages in Africa. Their goal is to end the book famine in Africa. My daughter and I volunteered at their Atlanta, Georgia (USA) warehouse a while back and were very impressed by their dedication.

So stay tuned for a great read at a great price!

You can find all of us Witch Lit folks on Twitter and Facebook. Let's share the magic!

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