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Book Review: Vikaro

Vikaro by Bryan Hewitt is a complex web of magic in the form of a series of tales - more than two dozen stories that at first glance don't appear to be connected. They are, after all, scattered across time and space, from Paleolithic Europe to modern North America.

But that separateness is an illusion, as are so many things in life. The thread that weaves these disparate tales into a cohesive whole is humanity's long struggle to live authentically, inclusively, peacefully in the face of those who value power and riches over connection, egalitarianism, and community.

The humans are not alone in this struggle, thankfully. Their deities, ancestors, and other spirit allies are ever present. They provide strength and support, reminding the humans that it's worth the effort, worth the danger and the risk to remain true to the values taught by every ancestral stream's Oldest Grandmother: that no one is above any other person, that we're all connected in an endless, mind-bogglingly beautiful web that transcends our simple concepts of space and time.

This is not a book of platitudes, but a deeply thoughtful and moving look at the way humans interact with each other and their environment, both material and spiritual. It's a reminder that our individual and collective choices often have unexpected repercussions. And it's an encouragement to examine our own ways of being in this world so we can begin to write new stories with endings that help everyone live happily ever after.

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