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Book Review: The Witch Wavelength

A while back I had the pleasure of editing Sheena Cundy's first foray into nonfiction, and let me tell you, it's worth reading. Her The Madness and the Magic witch lit fiction series is loads of fun - I've read the whole trilogy. And her friendly, down-to-earth writing style segues seamlessly into The Witch Wavelength.

If I had to describe The Witch Wavelength in short form, I'd say it's a workbook to help you find your own magic and access it in your daily life. It's not so much about following a particular spiritual path or tradition.

It's more about figuring out your own vibe or groove or wavelength - how you do magic and how you are magic. How to short-circuit the doubts that modern western culture instills in all of us that we're not enough: not good enough, not strong enough, not magical enough. How to make your own way in the world by tuning in to your "inner witch," no matter your sex or gender or occupation.

There's plenty of explanation, but the "meat" of the book is in the activities. This isn't just a book to read. It's one that sets you off to actually do something: expand your boundaries, move outside your comfort zone, find your own power.

There is some Wiccan influence in the book, but it's not hard-wired that way. The ideas and activities in The Witch Wavelength are accessible for anyone with an Earth-oriented worldview and a desire to seek out their own magic in the world and within themselves.

So give it a read, get moving, and discover your own Witch Wavelength!

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