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  • Laura Perry

Product Review: Indigo Aroma Aromatherapy Rollers

Though my daughter doesn't have a formal diagnosis, it's pretty clear that she's dealing with ADHD symptoms on a regular basis (it turns out, ADHD looks very different in girls/women than it does in boys/men - go figure). Now that she's a college student, she has developed some coping mechanisms, but some days are still hard. So I ordered some aromatherapy rollers from Indigo Aroma, hoping for a little help. We were not disappointed. I'm sharing her experiences here since she asked that she not have to write up a review on top of all her schoolwork that she's already doing this semester. She's a straight-A student and I'm very proud of her, so I'm happy to do this writeup for her. :-)

My daughter has been using the Anxiety roller regularly and it helps a lot, at least as much as the nasty-tasting herbal mixture she had been using. And obviously, it's much more pleasant to dab a nice-smelling essential oil mixture on your pulse points than to keep downing an herbal tincture that tastes like a combination of cheap perfume and old sweat socks (yes, that's what it tastes like - I've taken it).

She especially recommends the Concentration roller. She has been using caffeine (coffee, mostly) to help with focus, and it does help, but not always as much as she would like. She told me that when she uses the concentration roller, she can sit down and read one of her textbooks for two hours straight. Amazing!

She has also used the Anger & Frustration roller several times, and she says it helps defuse that issue. She hasn't had a chance to try the Moodiness roller yet, since most of her "moods" fall under the categories of anxiety or anger/frustration/irritability.

She also hasn't used the Sleep Problems roller yet, though I'm sure that will happen eventually. Thankfully, for now, the sunrise alarm clock she began using a couple of months ago has taken care of her sleep issues. I, however, am in a constant state of menopausal insomnia these days (oh yay). So last night I tried the Sleep Problems roller and I had the best night's sleep I've had in several weeks. So yeah, good stuff, even if you don't have ADHD.

I've used a lot of aromatherapy products over the years, and these are by far the most specific and effective I've seen. The woman who owns Indigo Aroma has ADHD herself and developed these mixtures to alleviate her own symptoms, so it makes sense that they would work so well. Indigo Aroma is in Canada but they ship worldwide; I'm in the US and my package arrived in just a few days.

So if any of the symptoms I've described above are plaguing you or your family, I recommend these products. They really work.

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