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Tale-Weaving: Storytime Episode 3

A while back, I started a series of Youtube videos in which I read excerpts from my novels The Bed and Jaguar Sky. Those are the only two novels I've published so far, but people kept clamoring for more, so I decided to start doing readings from some of my favorite books.

It turns out, a lot of my favorites are books that are officially meant for a younger audience. But hey, I don't discriminate - a good story is a good story. So first, I turned to one of my longtime favorites, The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame and the excellent sequels written by William Horwood. I figured, since it's the holidays, Horwood's book The Willows at Christmas was a good place to start.

So here's a bit of storytime for you:

I love the practice of reading aloud. I think it's something we should do more of, whether we're reading stories to our kids at bedtime or sharing our favorite bits with the local book club, or even just having a "literary evening" with family and/or friends.

I have a small stack of books that I'm going to be reading out of as this series continues, but if you have any favorites you'd like to hear, just let me know.

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