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It's website revamp time!

It's long past spring cleaning time, but my website has needed some sprucing up for a while now. I've just given it a revamp, with a brighter, fresher look. I think it more accurately reflects all the different things I do besides just the Minoan stuff - though obviously, that's still a big part of how I spend my time, and probably always will be.

I worked up a new logo that's also lighter and brighter than the previous one. Once I'd finished it, I realized that it reminds me of a logo I drew for myself (by hand) back in high school, when I was hoping to become a professional artist one day. Well, here I am - a professional artist! (And author and editor...)

I don't think teenage me could ever have dreamed that my life would turn out this way, but I sure am happy it has. And I'm thrilled that all you lovely people have come on this journey with me.

In the name of the bee,

And of the butterfly,

And of the breeze, amen.


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