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Revamping The Wiccan Wellness Book: Pictures!

I've spent the summer researching, revising and updating The Wiccan Wellness Book for the second edition (release date 28 September). It will have an all-new cover, which I'll share with you as soon as it's ready. But I decided the interior illustrations needed some freshening up, too. Here are a few of the new ones I've drawn.

This one goes with the chapter about natural methods of healthcare, including herbalism:

Here are some dandelions for the chapter about Green Partners:

I got a little cutesy with this one, which goes with the chapter about having a non-toxic home:

And this one goes with the chapter about exercise, because why can't adults have fun and dance with joy?

I have one more illustration still to do, for the chapter of healing rituals. And then it's on to the cover design. Wish me luck!

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