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Rebooting The Wiccan Wellness Book

I've had a lot of projects going this year but one of the biggest has been revising and updating The Wiccan Wellness Book. This was the second book I published, way back in 2003, and a lot has happened in the meantime.

Last year's big "reboot project" was the second edition of Ancient Spellcraft, which was quite an adventure. Now I'm working on a second second edition! LOL

I've spent several months researching and updating the health and wellness information in the book so you get the very latest, up-to-date information for your wellbeing. I've also spiffed up several of the rituals with some new ideas I got while performing them. And I've drawn new chapter illustrations (honestly, I was shocked to realize how much my artistic skills have improved in the 15 years since the book's first edition).

The book will have a new cover that kinda-sorta looks like the old one. And it will still be a great resource for your physical and spiritual health and wellbeing, keeping in mind the presence of the divine within and around us. I can hardly wait for September 28!

Thou art god. Thou art goddess.

Blessed be.

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