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You have questions? I have answers!

I regularly get e-mails and Facebook messages asking about everything from Modern Minoan Paganism to shamanism to art and writing. I usually answer these questions privately because that's how they were posed to me.

But sometimes I think there are other people out there who would love to know the answers to those questions. So I've decided to add a Q & A section to my monthly newsletter. If you have a question about anything I do, from spiritual practices to writing methods and everything in between, send it to me via the Contact page on my website or message me on Facebook. And yes, you're welcome to ask about gardening, herbalism, and winemaking, too.

I'll collect up the questions as they come in and answer them in the newsletter. I can either include your name or leave it out, as you prefer - just let me know. If you're not already subscribed to the newsletter, you can find the signup link right here. And remember, the only dumb question is the one you didn't ask. ;-)

In the name of the bee,

And of the butterfly,

And of the breeze, amen.

#writing #spirituality

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