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Deathwalking: An anthology adventure

Over the years I've contributed to quite a few anthologies. I love being part of a community that comes together over a given subject, sharing our different experiences and perspectives. Then one day I felt compelled to head up an anthology project myself. The subject? Deathwalking.

This shamanic practice is also called psychopomping. It involves helping the soul of the deceased find its way after death and move on in peace and safety. This was an essential part of the shaman's role in earlier cultures, and still is in many cultures where shamanic practices have continued in an unbroken tradition. But in the modern West, we've lost a great deal of this knowledge and it's only slowly coming back to us.

That's why this little book is so important.

I say "little book" because this is a fairly short anthology with ten contributors, each sharing their views about the practice of deathwalking. There simply aren't that many people out there who know about this kind of work, much less people who are actually trained to perform it. And there's almost nothing available in terms of books and other resources for people to find out more.

So I gathered up my courage and did something I've never done before: edited an anthology. It's my sincere wish that this book opens a door for people to learn about the process of pyschopomp work and, I hope, inspires some readers to follow up with training in the practice (the contributors offer a number of different options for taking that step).

The book is now available for pre-order on, and other Amazon platforms. I hope its low price and special subject matter will encourage more people to explore this fascinating and vital subject.

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