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Social Media Worries

The Internet has changed our lives in many ways. I love how we can connect with people of like mind from around the world, share ideas, get inspiration - but I'm not so keen on the privacy issues that have reared their ugly heads lately, ways big companies are taking advantage of our personal data.

I understand that a lot of folks are no longer comfortable with Facebook and are leaving it for other platforms, or leaving social media altogether. If that's what it takes for you to feel safe (or at least, safer) then that's certainly what you should do. I won't be leaving Facebook because I have a bunch of people in Ariadne's Tribe counting on me, and I don't feel I can just leave them in the lurch.

I've moved the discussion forums for my online classes from Facebook to my own website for privacy. That way, nobody has to subject themselves to social media if they want to take my classes. I'll also be teaching some new online courses via Conjure University beginning April 15. That's a self-contained site so you don't have to deal with social media to take those classes.

If you're leaving Facebook and/or other social media, I'd still love to keep in touch. You can sign up for my monthly newsletter HERE or use the form at the bottom of my main web page. I only send the newsletter out once a month, so I won't fill up your inbox with too many e-mails. You can also contact me via my website or any of the social media links at the bottom of this blog post.

I hope you'll continue to keep in touch in whatever way you find most comfortable.




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