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Win a copy of Ancient Spellcraft!

Just in time for Halloween/Samhain, I'm giving away TWO copies of the newly-released second edition of Ancient Spellcraft.

TO ENTER, simply sign up for my mailing list on my website. The subscription form is at the bottom of the main web page.

If you're already on the list, please message me with the name and e-mail address you used to sign up and I'll include you in the giveaway.

This giveaway is open worldwide, so everyone can enter. But due to the prohibitive cost of international shipping (it typically costs 3 to 4 times the book's cover price to ship outside the US), winners outside the US will receive an e-book instead of ink-and-paper. Winners within the US have their choice of either e-book or ink-and-paper.

You have until October 31, so be sure to enter soon and tell your friends, too!

#writing #paganism

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