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Book Review: p.s.Fortuna: Praises and Supplications for the Goddess

This is a very personal book about a not-so-well-known deity, the Roman goddess Fortuna. For many of us, Fortuna is more a symbol or a concept than a living goddess. But Simpson brings her to life in this book, beginning with her own relationship with Fortuna. I like that she stresses the idea of relationship. The gods aren't cosmic vending machines; you don't put in an offering and out pops a goodie. They're beings we should respect and take the time to get to know, and this book is a helpful tool in that regard. I first "met" Fortuna long ago when I studied Latin in school. She is a very approachable goddess, very willing to help as long as you respect her properly. This book is a valuable aid in that regard.

I like that Simpson emphasizes Fortuna's role as the bringer of luck rather than the provider of money. This takes us right back to ancient Rome, where she was revered under dozens of different names and aspects. This book includes Fortuna's background as a Roman goddess as well as a list of her various sacred days and festivals throughout the year. But the real "meat" of this little volume is the collection of prayers to Fortuna, organized by season, each one for a different, specific purpose. There really is something for everyone, for almost every imaginable occasion or reason.

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