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Book Review: Goddess 2.0

Goddess spirituality icon Karen Tate has once again turned out a work that's sure to become a standard reference on the bookshelves of a wide variety of Pagan, feminist, and alternative spirituality folks. Goddess 2.0 is an anthology that offers more than the usual goodness-and-light views of the Goddess and her place in the modern world. In these pages I found the passion and fire of women and men who have found, in the Goddess, a way to actively transform the world for the better. I'm not talking about sitting in your cozy room reciting affirmations, but getting out there, getting your hands dirty, and making the world a better place.

The book is divided into two sections. The first part is titled "Sacred Wisdom: Knowing the Path Toward a New Normal." In this section we hear from Barbara Walker, Starhawk, Anne Baring, and nine others about centering ourselves in the Goddess and viewing the world through her lens. But these aren't nebulous feel-good essays; they deal with such meaty subjects as women's healthcare, interfaith work to strengthen women's place in the world, and the politics of power as reflected in the religion of the masses.

The second section, "Sacred Action: Taking the Steps Toward a New Normal," is a blatant call to action, a demand that we step out into the world and make changes based on our understanding of the world as viewed through the lens of goddess spirituality. I'm a longtime fan of Riane Eisler and her essay, "What’s Good for Women is Good for the World: Foundations for a Caring Economy," really gets to the root of what this book is all about: This is a revolution bent not on destruction but on the betterment of everyone everywhere. Ten other essays, including a second entry from Starhawk as well as perceptive pieces by Carol P. Christ and Harita Meenee, light the way toward forming these ideas into something solid out in the world.

I've certainly enjoyed Karen Tate's other books, but I think this one has hit me where it counts. We can't just sit around in our cozy armchairs talking about how great goddess spirituality is. We have to walk our talk. We have to get out there and make these ideas real. We have to change the world.

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