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Call their names: the Minoan gods and goddesses

What did the Minoans call their gods and goddesses? Who were the ones they devoted themselves to, made offerings to, gave sacrifices to? We still can't read Linear A, the script the Minoans used to write their native language, but we can read Linear B, the Greek adaptation of Minoan writing that recorded the early Greek language. Yes, the Mycenaean Greeks borrowed Minoan writing, but they also borrowed bunches of Minoan gods, which is handy for us because they wrote their names down when people made offerings to them at the temples. Today I've got a couple of those names for you, a goddess and a god, over on the Minoan Path Blog:

Call their names: the Minoan gods and goddesses

If you'd like to join the conversation about Modern Minoan Paganism, head on over to our welcoming community at Ariadne's Tribe on Facebook.

In the name of the bee,

And of the butterfly,

And of the breeze, amen.

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