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Pagan Planet: Being, Believing & Belonging in the 21st Century

I'm delighted to announce that the folks at Moon Books have released another unique anthology, and of course, I'm proud that they've included one of my essays along with all the others.

Those of us who follow Pagan paths seem to spend a lot of our time looking back at the past: the ancient cultures that inspire our spirituality, the more recent ancestors whose folkways have so much to teach us. But how can we make those ancient ways relevant in the modern world? Well, here's a whole book that shows you how, and the insights are fascinating.

For my part, I follow a Minoan path - that's the people of ancient Crete - and for me, the whole point of doing any of it is to make it relevant in the modern world. Otherwise, why bother? So for a change, instead of taking a journey through the ancient world, take a walk through the modern one and find out how it's possible to be rooted in the past but oh-so-alive in the present.

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