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A Midsummer tipple, Minoan style

Summer Solstice is coming up soon. This season always makes me think of fuzzy honeybees meandering from flower to flower, sipping the nectar and carrying it back to the hive to make honey. People have loved honey for millennia, and the ancient Minoans were no different. They brewed the honey-wine called mead to drink at festive occasions such as the Summer Solstice.

Bees on honeycomb

I've been brewing mead since 1993, and today I'm sharing my recipe with you. It's surprisingly simple to make. The hardest part is waiting until it's ready to drink! For my recipe and other tips about this delicious drink, click the title below:

A Midsummer tipple, Minoan style

May your Midsummer be merry and full of all kinds of deliciousness!

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