Jaguar Sky

An ancient Mayan temple...

An archaeological expedition...

A fated dream...


Student archaeologist Maddie Phoenix is up to her ears in trouble in Central America. On impulse after a nightmare set at a Maya sacred site, she leaps headfirst into an international archaeology expedition with her college anthropology department. She awakens to the modern Maya world of shamanism and herbal healing just as the research team collapses and she is threatened with arrest and deportation. It doesn't help matters that her best friend thinks she's crazy or that her professor is in love with her. Only the support of a native Maya teacher can save Maddie from emotional breakdown and set her on her true path.

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A Jaguar Sky Photo Album

Maddie Phoenix is entranced by the beauty of Belize - the natural sights and the Maya ruins.  So was I.  In fact, it was a trip to Belize that inspired me to write this book. Below are some of the photos I took on that journey, images of the places Maddie visits in the story.  After all, as Alice so famously says, what good is a book without pictures?

Maddie's stay in Belize begins at the Mopan Hotel in Belize City.

On their first day in Belize, the team has a look at Government House.

St. John the Baptist Anglican Cathedral, Belize City

The sea almond tree at St. John's cathedral

Crocodile sunnning on a log, New River

Snail kites perched in a tree along the New River

Temple the team saw on the drive through Lamanai they day they arrived

The famous Jaguar Temple at Lamanai, Belize

Jaguar face with earrings on the Jaguar Temple

Snarly jaguar face from the Jaguar Temple

The ruined temple at Lamanai where Maddie has her dream-vision.

I also have a Pinterest board about the ancient Maya, full of information about Mayan artifacts, sacred sites, history, and culture.  Have a look and find out more about the world of the Maya.

What readers are saying about Jaguar Sky:

I first read this in serial format on Laura's blog and am thrilled to have an all-in-one version to reread. Laura's research into the Mayan culture shines. The settings are vividly described and her characters are believable. The angst her protagonist experiences is all too palpable, making you wonder if she'll give in to societal norms or follow her heart. Heartily recommended!


|| Deborah J. Martin, author of Baneful! 95 of the World's Worst HerbsHerbs: Medicinal, Magical, Marvelous!A Green Witch's Formulary and the Ogre's Assistant series


I've always been interested in the Maya and Aztec cultures and Laura Perry has a wealth of knowledge which she's able to explain in ways that are really down to earth, practical and ping all the light-bulbs in the head :-). The Maya wisdom is so very similar to my own British Celtic ways. It's a delight to see the knowing of the universe through shamanic cultures all around the world showing us the same truths ... truths that modern western folk are only just getting a grip on through science.
The end is satisfying and not happy-ever-after which is very good, it's real and still has problems, things that will be difficult. I very much like it that Maddie grows, and grows up, setting her feet firmly on the adult path and understanding the responsibilities she takes on. There's a good opportunity for a follow-up book here and I'd very much like that :-)


|| Elen Sentier, author of Elen of the WaysTrees of the Goddess, and the novels Owl Woman and Moon Song

I just finished reading Jaguar Sky. I really loved the book. I have always been interested in the Maya culture. Maddie is a college student on an archeological dig to Belize. The story has many twists and turns. I like the characters they are believable and you really care about them.

Maddie has been haunted by dreams and she hopes to find some of the answers on this project. There are both good guys and bad guys but nothing is what it seems. I like the mystical aspect as well as the tension in the relationship between characters. One of the strong points that I like about Maddie is that she is independent. She is not a damsel in distress needing to be saved by a man. I enjoyed watching her character evolve and develop as she finds her confidence and her destiny. The author has been to the country herself so the added tid bits of information about the area and the people just add even more interesting facets to the story.


|| Tidal Ashburn, host of Hocus Focus on BlogTalkRadio


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