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Into the Labyrinth online course in Modern Minoan Paganism
Deeper Into the Labyrinth online course in Modern Minoan Paganism

Do you feel the call of the Minoans? Do the temples and towns, goddesses and gods of ancient Crete intrigue you? Would you like to learn how to incorporate them into your modern spirituality?

Join me for these two online courses that delve deeply into the myths and legends, the lives and spiritual practices of the ancient Minoans. But even more important, these two courses show you how to bring those deities and practices alive in your own spirituality in ways that have meaning for you now.

PLEASE NOTE: The forum on this website is a discussion forum for people who are taking my online courses in Modern Minoan Paganism. If you'd like to find out more about Modern Minoan Paganism, head on over to our welcoming community at Ariadne's Tribe on Facebook.

Each of these classes is available once a year (to save my sanity).

Into the Labyrinth begins in September.

Deeper into the Labyrinth begins in March.

Each class includes all materials plus access to a private discussion group.


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